How to choose the best Swiss bank to open an account.

Are you looking for a valid alternative to the banks you are leaning on today? What is the best Swiss bank to open an account? The safest bank, the cheapest, most reliable and online bank, so you can always check your life savings.

How to choose the best Swiss bank in a thoughtful and rational way to open an account , given the many options that are open to the investor and saver, custodian of their own substances? Among the many advantages that Swiss bank accounts can offer, aspects such as high levels of privacy and low levels of financial risk stand out.

WHAT IS THE BEST SWISS BANK TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT?Even if nobody tells you, to prevent a logical and consequent bank run on Argentine or Greek style, today some European banks do not pass the Stress Test . Even some of the most important ones are not as solid as they appear . Your money is not safe!

Historically, Swiss jurisprudence has always required banks to have a strong protection of depositors as well as high capital requirements, making any deposit practically safe both from financial conflicts and from international crises. Being able to finance the training of your children, being able to maintain an adequate standard of living when you are retired, are objectives that every human being would like to achieve and are not always easy to achieve. Today, thanks to the ease with which each person can decide to open a bank account in Switzerland , it can be a dream that can easily be realized.

In fact, by deciding to open your account in Switzerland , you can build your luck in a targeted, careful and careful way over time. To make it even easier and more accessible to benefit from the advantages offered by having decided to open a current account in Switzerland , simply plan the investment you want to make, or simply determine the amount of savings to invest and, of course, the horizon time appropriate to your goals.

What is the best Swiss bank to open an account?

According to Swiss law, non-residents of Switzerland must be at least eighteen years of age to open a bank account in the country.

In general, the account in Switzerland can be opened in any type of currency, namely in pounds sterling, US dollars and, of course, in euros and Swiss francs.

Do-it-yourself, or online opening, is not recommended, as it is always necessary to have support to correctly fulfill the tax and legal obligations of your country of residence and to be updated on any future changes in the matter. If you get advice from specialists like us who have been operating on the Swiss market for years, the best Swiss bank to open an account, the one that exactly matches your wishes, you can always freely and legally access your savings.

Nor will it be a problem for your or your accountant (if you don’t know, explain it to you), because today the Swiss banks fill in the pictures relating to the tax position of each of their customers according to the Italian regulations, therefore the documentation that you will deliver to your tax advisor will already be complete and transparent, and he (or she) will not risk making mistakes in completing the tax return.

WHAT IS THE BEST SWISS BANK TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT?Opening an account in Switzerland can also broaden your investment horizons. An example? A saver who entrusts the management of his assets to a Swiss company may have access – always and in any case with an adequate diversification – to high-yield instruments, which in Europe would be precluded due to the constraints imposed by Mifid II .

Speaking of risk: a further reason for appeal is represented by the territorial diversification which could be not only useful but even vital in the remote case of default and return to the national currency. The possible account in Switzerland, in fact, would remain in euros and always accessible for withdrawals. Ultimately, the golden rule of all time applies: get to know each other thoroughly and evaluate all the options to be able to explore the lands across the border with satisfaction. Which, are no longer that “wild and harsh and strong forest” that they once were, a long time ago.

To give you an idea of ​​how simple everything is today, you can open an account in Switzerland in any currency, request and debit credit cards in EUR, CHF, USD, make SEPA transfers at no cost, depending on the bank chosen, transfer the entire securities dossier today supported by an Italian bank, maintaining the historical capital gains and losses of the bank you are now supported by and the relative backpack of tax credits … All today in the same way you would open an account or transfer a securities dossier to the country in which you live.

You can also move your assets to Switzerland via a static trust , making a transfer from an Italian account to the position registered to you at the Italian static trust, then Italy to Italy and delegating to them all the fiscal part and the transfer of your money to your name in the best Swiss bank to open an account …

Dunque qual è la migliore banca svizzera per aprire un conto corrente e di deposito titoli?

So which is the best Swiss bank to open a checking and securities deposit account?

We could make you a list of names of Swiss banks with which we work and with whom we can negotiate for you an institutional rate, based on our relationship and knowledge of the Swiss banking context. We will almost certainly suggest the best Swiss bank to open an account among these names, with which we have been working for years: Banca Stato, Credit Suisse, PKB Privatbank, UBS, EFG, Pictet, PostFinance, Raiffeisen, BNP Paribas, BPS Suisse, Rothschild Bank …

The best Swiss bank to open an account, your account, strictly depends on the assets you intend to move, the services you are looking for, your protection and investment objectives and many high parameters.

Avoid DIY! The regulations in the countries change over time, there are unexpected events, think about what happened with the COVID-19, would you ever have expected / to everything you have lived?

To be assisted in the search for the best Swiss bank to open an account by professionals who deal by profession and vocation to give continuous support and assistance to customers and who know the legal, tax and administrative bureaucratic context in which you move, is the best solution to be always supported and to know any savings and profit opportunities that may arise over time.


We are a group of professionals who work, know and are professionally updated both on the country and the national context in which you intend to transfer your savings and your substances, and on the country from which you want to transfer them.

Privacy will be respected, as will the security guarantee of the Swiss bank account.

If you are looking for more information on the best Swiss bank to open an account, refer to the following links, or make direct contact with our team.



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