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Asset management is often perceived negatively and the reason is quite evident. Asset management is seen as a way to load high commissions to the client by inserting financial products from the parent company or from the bank itself such as structured products, certificates, mutual funds, hedge funds, all with high commissions and with high hidden costs

Usually no personalization is given, no direct contact with the manager and no timely report or information on the operations carried out. Fortunately, not all asset management are the same!


In Goodwill Asset Management SA we believe that asset management is a customer service with high added value, if offered in a personalized and distinctive way .

Gwam is an independent asset manager with totally transparent costs, always on the client’s side.

We have no mix of interests with investment houses or banks.

The customer opens the account on the Swiss bank of his choice and issues an administrative authorization to Goodwill Asset Management SA as an independent manager.


What is asset management?

Asset management, as conceived in Goodwill Asset Management SA, is active management on the client’s behalf.

The administrative power of attorney issued to Goodwill Asset Management is a simple “to operate” power of attorney, therefore it inhibits cash withdrawals and wire transfers and allows only to make financial investments on behalf of the customer.

Goodwill Asset Management SA also invests, by mission and by mandate, exclusively in shares and bonds, never in complex products neither in derivatives nor in products with high commission costs or with sophistication. All in total transparency and with an always open dialogue with the customer.

Asset management taxation


The taxation of a Swiss asset management depends on the country of residence of the subscriber of the asset management contract, as the taxation strictly follows the legislation of the country of residence, for example, an Italian resident will pay VAT and capital gain .

To make it easier, our affiliated Swiss banks issue a tax certificate every year based on the country of residence of the account holder, in which the accountant will find the Rw, Rt and Rn fields necessary for the tax return pre-filled. consequence of all regulatory obligations.

From a fiscal or regulatory point of view, is it irrelevant to have a current account in Italy or Switzerland?

Yes, it is totally indifferent, even if the account in Switzerland has multiple advantages in terms of enhanced asset protection, deferral and tax compensation …

Does opening an asset management account in Switzerland offer greater asset protection than Italy and the rest of Europe?

Even if nobody tells you, to prevent a logical bank run on Argentine or Greek style, today many Italian banks are on the verge of bankruptcy . Even the most important ones risk failing . Asset management in Switzerland secures your liquidity from banking crises and currency renaming risks. In addition, asset management in Switzerland puts you completely safe from the risk of bank bail-in.

In fact, an asset management on your account in Switzerland would remain in euros and always accessible for withdrawals.

To give you an idea of ​​how simple everything is today, you can open a wealth management in Switzerland in any currency, request and debit your Swiss credit cards in EUR, CHF, USD, make SEPA transfers at no cost, depending on the chosen bank, transfer the entire securities dossier now supported by an Italian bank, maintaining the historical capital gains and losses of the bank you are now supported with and the relative backpack of tax credits … All today in the same way you would open an account or would you transfer a securities dossier in the country where you live.

You can also open an asset management in Switzerland by moving your assets in Switzerland through a static trust , making a transfer from an Italian account to the position registered to you at the Italian static trust, then Italy on Italy and delegating to them all the fiscal part and enjoying the benefits of wealth management in Switzerland.

What do you mean by enhanced asset protection of an asset management with account in Switzerland?

If you belong to risk categories, for example you are an entrepreneur or an administrator who with the introduction of recent regulations risks having to answer with his entire assets for a plurality of possible disputes, or you are a doctor, or a lawyer, or you belong to any category whose assets are at risk of seizures, you would do well to know in depth, in addition to the recent code of the business crisis, the European rules that came into force in 2017 relating to the bank seizures .

Even the policies that sold you as impassable and inextricable in reality, in addition to being loaded with Italian government bonds, securities one step above the rating of junk bonds, are at risk of foreclosure .

All our claims are confirmed by regulatory references and by the experience of a network of professionals, each specialized in its sector. On the other hand, asset management on behalf of Switzerland, not being Switzerland part of the EU, offers legally extensive protection.

What are the advantages of opening an asset management with Goodwill Asset Management SA?

The owner of the management with Goodwill Asset Management SA, will have clear advantages that we briefly list:

  1. Asset managers , those who specifically make investment decisions in Goodwill asset Management SA, are always available to the customer to inform with prior consent or a posteriori about each individual transaction, explaining in detail the investment choices.
  2. Online banking on your Swiss bank where you can check in real time every investment made, the performance made and in progress and the cost details.
  3. Clear and transparent costs that amount to less than half of the costs applied by mutual funds , hedge funds, structured and alternative products. Without any entrance fee , but only an annual management fee paid quarterly and an absolute high water mark performance fee, to always be aligned with the interests of customers.
  4. Active management that will never be a benchmark replica or a standardized management per line, but will always be careful in selecting stocks and bonds , even niche ones, in the exclusive interest of the customer and always without conflicts of interest of any kind. As an example, in the Coronavirus era, we selected the biopharmaceutical title Navidea for our asset management, a small company unknown to most investors and analysts. The company has an interesting pipeline at the beginning of phase 3 for its Tilmanocept platform , which tests the progress of rheumatoid arthritis treatments predictively. This platform will be a game changer in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis that afflicts about 1% of the world population. Security purchased for customers between 0.6 and 0.85 dollars and which is still in the portfolio today with a value of 3.50 dollars. No investment fund or traditional asset management will ever hold significant positions in niche companies . The only way to enjoy this opportunity is to invest in personalized asset management.
  5. Tailor made personalized wealth management based on your needs and objectives, without any standardization or standard portfolio, but tailored to your needs and expectations.
  6. Having asset management in Switzerland territorially diversifies the geopolitical and crisis risks of countries that have been most exposed to the lockdown. These could in the future have problems of default or currency renaming, or limits of access to withdrawals as happened in Greece . A current account in Switzerland with asset management at Goodwill Asset Management SA will fully and legally protect your savings even from these extreme events .


In conclusion, having asset management in Switzerland means that you can legally protect your savings in a conscious way, with the aim of growing your assets over time, while being able to count on a network of dedicated and competent professionals to satisfy through our services all your needs.


This page has been translated by Google to give you the best possible reading experience. For further information, you can reach us by email and possibly make an appointment directly at the office, where you will be welcomed by Gwam employees who speak fluently and mother tongue English, French, German, Italian.

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