Dow Jones real-time and Dow Jones Transport indices looking for significant divergences


Technical analysis: Dow Jones real-time indices

To anticipate the market, save this page and periodically connect to the search for significant differences. Knowing a significant divergence in real-time Dow Jones indices in advance can make all the difference.


The usefulness of Dow Jones real-time indices

Dow Jones real-time and Dow Jones Transport indices looking for significant divergences

The Dow Jones Transportation Average Index is the most reliable anticipator of future trends in the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index.

The most well-known stock index on the New York Stock Exchange was created by Charles Dow and Edward Jones.

We pay attention to the dynamics of the Dow Jones Transportation index, the least known of the Dow Jones indices, since from this index, made up of transport stocks, information on the movement of goods and, therefore, on the general health of the economy can be inferred .

Everyone focuses on stock market indices in particular on the S&P 500, Nasdaq or Dow Jones Industrial.

In fact, even in today’s technology-based world, where many stores have undergone the competitive pressure of the Internet and Amazon, the goods to get to customers’ homes still have to travel.

So as long as the economy runs at full speed, the titles that in a sense are the litmus test of its health, are today, on a par and perhaps even more than half a century ago, those related to transport.

The Dow Jones is one of the cornerstones of world finance . To immediately understand what the utility provided by the Dow Jones real-time indices may be , we consider that in its basket there are the main securities listed on Wall Street.


Dow Jones real time indices

Dow Jones real-time and Dow Jones Transport indices looking for significant divergences

The thirty stocks listed on the Dow Jones real-time index are weighted in the index without taking into account the capitalization, or the weight that the various companies can have according to the stock market trend.

This feature, in the course of time, has revealed its importance compared for example to the index in real-time graph Nasdaq .

In addition to this, to make lose some of the ancient splendor that had characterized and distinguished the real time Dow Jones indices , there is also the fact that they would appear to be unable to provide an overview of what is the trend of the the entire American price list, which, in the meantime, has undoubtedly significantly expanded.

However, in any case, it is to be considered that, even if they have fallen in terms of popularity, the real-time Dow Jones indices enjoy excellent health.

As an example, it can be remembered that, in 2020, the real-time Dow Jones indices set a new high.

The real-time Dow Jones indices exceeded 29,500 for the first time in history on February 12, 2020 due to the expansive monetary policy pursued by the Federal Reserve.

Dow Jones real-time indices, commodities, bonds and currencies.

Dow Jones real-time indices and support of real-time charts

Dow Jones real-time and Dow Jones Transport indices looking for significant divergences

Present on every stock and finance site, real-time charts are the best way to know what the trend of Dow Jones real-time indices is . To do this, it will therefore be sufficient to simply use the chart as a reference point.

Without a doubt, the Dow Jones index has a glorious great history behind it that dates back to May 1896.


Not for nothing, it is precisely the Dow index that is the most famous, the second oldest index in the United States, behind the Dow Jones Transport Average .

So, supported by adequate charts, today as today, investing following the real-time Dow Jones indices , is greatly facilitated and facilitated by the numerous platforms, through which it will be possible to go directly to study and negotiate on the indices.

In conclusion, the information offered by the comparison of the indices and by the study of graphs and technical analysis, offer a useful way to anticipate trends and diversify what are their investments, aiming at the achievement, as a final goal of interesting profits.

Dow Jones real-time and Dow Jones Transport indices looking for significant divergences

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